UE4 Blueprints

A "low score" run from my NiGHTS inspired project (switching to a new track as soon as I've taken the required number of chips to the capture point).

UE4 game - Initial character IK setup blended with basic animations.

A "high score" run from my NiGHTS inspired project (only switching to a new track as the game over timer approaches zero, and using the extra time to respawn the track objects and collect more).

A VR experiment, I created a race track editor to be able to build Scalextric type tracks.

Paul foster sunstroke

A simple mobile / touch screen game where the aim is to escape an expanding sun whilst avoiding obstacles.

Paul foster mazetunnel

A mobile / touch screen prototype game using physics and randomly spawning obstacles

Here are various projects and experiments I've made using UE4's Blueprints., including a long running personal project which borrows gameplay mechanics from the old SEGA game 'NiGHTS into Dreams' - one day I might actually have time to do some artwork for it and develop the game further.