Agent Dash : 3D Print

Paul foster joanna

ZBrush sculpt based on the original in game model of Joanna

Paul foster img 20170129 105503

Just hanging out to dry.

Paul foster img 20170221 100209 1
Paul foster img 20170206 011106
Paul foster img 20170220 200805 1
Paul foster img 20170221 160213

A couple of years ago, a colleague and I were asked to produce some high res sculpts of the characters Dash and Joanna from the company's existing "Agent Dash" game, for marketing purposes. I'd just got a 3D Printer and asked if I could try and print the characters, so I knocked up a base, printed them on my Pruse i3 Mk2, painted them up, and now they live on my desk at work.

Agent Dash was sculpted by my workmate Jon Mills.