Football game(s) assets

Paul foster pro player

Clothing sculpt for our Pro Player characters (heads and skin texturing were done by another artist).

Paul foster pro player 16

Kits were textured in greyscale to allow team colours to be defined in code (see in game shots below). Secondary UVs allowed us to customise the player names and numbers.

Paul foster cheerleader a

One of several cheerleader sculpts

Paul foster cheerleader b
Paul foster helmet

Helmet high res

Paul foster af player ingame
Paul foster helmets ingame

In game helmets

Paul foster helmets

I used a greyscale mask so the colours for each team could be defined in code, and several UV sets which allowed us to position the team logos at various scales and positions.

Paul foster ozal4ooak1l096ialmylbn0fdfx93vt7gl9rhhys6 y6pkbhof3zpephdy9kdp6nvw h900
Paul foster maxresdefault
Paul foster flickfg 01
Paul foster flickfg 02
Paul foster flickqb 02
Paul foster flickqb 01

Some time ago I worked on various characters which ended up in the iOS / Android games "Flick Quarterback", "Flick Field Goal" and "All-Star Quarterback". I was responsible for sculpts, low poly meshes and texturing.