Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Paul foster zombie head

Head made for the Super Elite enemy (low poly)

Paul foster nza super elite

Super Elite (in-game)

Paul foster deadeye sniper

Head made for the Deadeye Sniper (low poly)

Paul foster nza deadeye sniper

Deadeye Sniper (in-game)

Paul foster nza skeleton

Re-texture of the SEV2 bullet-cam skeleton which became a new enemy type.

Paul foster frontend

Changes I made to the SEV2 menu environment (lighting, full screen effects, character edits and set dressing)

Sniper Elite: NZA intro cutscene. Lighting, set-dressing, particle effects, etc. (see description for further details of my involvement)

Paul foster occultgeneral 01

Effects work I did for the Occult General

Paul foster characters grunts 04

I made all over damage maps for the characters; on spawn they will have random areas of damage as seen here for further variety.

Paul foster super elite 01

Some of the work I did throughout the development of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army.

On NZA, I was primarily responsible for the characters and associated particle effects, attachments, etc. Sometimes this involved taking characters from 'Sniper Elite V2' and re-texturing parts of them, other times I got to create new heads like those shown here. I worked closely with the programmers on boss encounters and the 'head pop' when you get a close range head shot - assets, particle effects, triggerable containers, etc.

I was also responsible for zombie-fying the SEV2 front-end menus through decals, lighting, character swaps and object placements.

Finally I was asked to make Hitlers bunker for the introduction real-time cut-scene, light and dress the areas used, create particle effects and setup the timings to match the animator's work.