Sniper Elite V2

Paul foster quadriga

The Quadriga I made to sit atop the Brandenburg Gate (low poly)

Paul foster sev2 quadriga

Quadriga (in-game)

Paul foster sev2 fueldump01

Screens from Neudorf Outpost (see project info)

Paul foster sev2 fueldump03
Paul foster sev2 fueldump02
Paul foster sev2 launchsite01

Screens from Kopenick Launch Site (see project info)

Paul foster church climb
Paul foster sev2 launchsite05
Paul foster sev2 launchsite03
Paul foster sev2 launchsite04
Paul foster sev2 launchsite02
Paul foster launchsite station
Paul foster black market collapse

Screens from Black Market (see project info)

Paul foster black market
Paul foster flak tower

Screens from Tiergarten Flak Tower interior (see project info)

Paul foster barbed fence

Props used in various levels

Paul foster bookcases
Paul foster bust and plinth
Paul foster damaged mannequin
Paul foster metal shutters

Here is a selection of the work I did throughout production of Sniper Elite V2 which released in 2012.

As with most games of this scale, the levels were built up and dressed with assets used throughout the project, made by a large team of artists including myself. That said, I was primarily responsible for the creation of the following levels:

- Köpenick Launch Site (Campaign map)
I worked with a designer to build this level from scratch

- Black Market (Multiplayer map)
For this level I took a campaign level (which I believe was headed up by then Lead Artist Sam Grice), took areas from it, created new buildings to open up additional routes, etc.

- Neudorf Outpost (Multiplayer and DLC mission map)
For this level I was asked to re-create the popular 'Karlshorst Reprise' map from the original Sniper Elite (2005) in the SEv2 engine with up-to-date visuals.

My involvement on these levels included modelling and texturing terrains / structures / props, set dressing, lighting and effects placement, creating collision meshes. I also created objects for other levels, such as the Quadriga shown here, Hitler's train carriages and mounted gun carriage for the 'Assassinate the Führer' DLC, as well as modelling and first texturing pass for the Brandenburg Gate itself.

Additional level work:
- Tiergarten Flak Tower (campaign map)
Modelling and texturing of Flak tower interior
- 'Inferno' (multiplayer map)
Some lighting and effects work
- 'Landwehr Canal' (DLC mission map)
Set dressing, lighting and effects work